Sunday, January 16, 2011


Oh My !  So much happened in one day – yesterday.  And I still have to upload and post the pics and videos of the great ride I was on today.  That may have to wait until tomorrow.

For those of you who are following my (mis) adventures and also reading the comments, you will have noticed that “Jim and Sandie” comment often.  Well Sandie has been stalking errr….following me via my Blog for quite some time now.  Neither of us remember how we ‘met’, but likely on one of the RV websites back two years ago when I was ‘thinking’ about doing this RV thing.

Naturally I stopped blogging when I had that shoulder problem and had to end up buying a Condo to live in.  I resumed blogging once I was able to get back on the road (November, 2010) and my Blog popped up on her computer as a new post.

And she has been with me ever since.  I’ve been in touch with her via e-mail numerous times asking a gazillion questions and she has never once let me down and has been a wealth of information and encouragement to me.

Yet, I had never actually ‘met’ her in person.  Well, that changed yesterday.  To actually meet someone ‘in person’ that you have been in contact with for so long ‘online’ is very exciting.

What nice people both Sandie and Jim are !!  Their precious loved ones – Scooter and Skittlez – are adorable…..but I don’t think they are too fussy about Bennie.  I’ll have to see if I can change that.  LOL

I’m finding that RV’ers and Bikers are very similar.  They are really nice people and always willing to help and watch your back.  I am so very fortunate !


  1. yeah for meeting your long time 'stalker' meeting an old friend!!!

  2. Denise failed to mention that when she pulled into this area, I waved at her and then figured I was waving at the wrong person because there were three of them and one of them was on a motorcycle. I told Jim - I think I just waved at somebody I don't know. When you expect two (Denise and Bennie) and get four (Joe and Donna) it makes you wonder. But what super nice people Joe and Donna are. I'm really looking forward to getting together with them again back in AJ.

  3. I forgot about that part. Ya, and then she went hiding !! So Donna and I get out of the RV and (slowly) walk towards the direction of the 'waver'. Donna asks "Do you know what they look like". I say "No". Donna asks "Do you know their names?" I say "Yes". Donna says "Well then just call out their names and see who answers." FINALLY the STALKER peaks around the corner and we identify outselves !! LOL