Sunday, January 16, 2011


I have to back track to yesterday. I decided to leave Ajo a few days earlier than I had ‘planned’. So I’m hooking up the little pup (with the help of my fabulous neighbours Dorothy & Glenn), minding my own business (like I always do…..LOL) and I see (hear) a motorcycle pull in to the Park.

Larry (the owner of the Park) sees them also so he goes over to them. Next thing I know they are walking towards me ??? This woman says “Are you Sassy ?” Very tentatively I say “Yes”. She’s Donna from the HD Forums website I’m on. She and her husband Joe rode from Mesa, AZ to Ajo, AZ to see if they could find me !!! That’s about 120 miles/193kms one way folks !!

I had been in touch with Donna via the HD website and she knew I was in Ajo but did not know what park I was staying at. They pulled into a gas station and watched ‘someone’ across the street hooking up their trailer to their RV.

I’ll let Donna tell it in her own words as she posted on the HD website:

“So...just got home from meeting with Denise, Sassy Rider!
She's been in Arizona, driving/living in an RV, and trailering her bike. She's been staying in Ajo, and we have been trying to arrange a get together. Well, I pm'd her a couple of times this week, but she hasn't been on the forum. So today, Joe and I took a chance and rode down to Ajo.
We pulled into a gas station across the street from an RV park, and I sat down with my phone to try one more time to pm Denise. Meanwhile, across the street is an RV, with some people hooking a small trailer to it. I checked Sassy's blog, and she had a description of her vehicle and a picture. I looked across the street again and said, "That's her". We got there just as she was preparing to move to her next location.
So, Denise doesn't expect us, and we walk up and I say, "Who's Sassy? I'm Donna". She says, "donna.1965??" (surprise!)
Since she was getting ready to move, we decided to ride along with her, and we could visit during rest breaks. But at the first rest break I thought we could get to know each other better if I was in the RV with Denise! So, I let Joe take off at his own pace and climbed into the RV... and we just chatted it up and had a great time.
I was especially spoiled with Benny, Denise's little dog, sitting in my lap all day!
So, we all stayed together until we got Denise settled in at her next stop. Then we got on the bike and headed home.
Oh, incidentally, Sassy is actually staying slightly in California... (helmet law state!)... and she let us borrow one of her helmets to get out of the state, as Joe wore mine in while I was in her RV!! So, now we HAVE to get together again, so I can return her helmet!
Denise is planning on a stay here in the valley in the next few weeks or so, so it'll be MUCH easier to get together! I'm looking forward to it!!

They ended up riding with me all the way to my present location – boondocking in Winterhaven, CA. AND didn’t leave here until about 7:00PM with a THREE HOUR ride ahead of them. Far braver than I would ever be.

What an awesome day !!


  1. Sassy that's too much meeting people from the HD Forum like that, I belong to the same forum. Great story....

  2. Wow, that is awesome!