Saturday, January 8, 2011


I finally did get out for a great ride the other day. There is a couple (Dave and Pat) in the Park that rides a Goldwing……I quickly had to forgive them for that….poor things probably don’t know the difference….

He comes knocking at my door to say they are going for a run and would I like to join them. DUHHHH You never saw someone get dressed and ready to ride so fast. PLUS I had to make a lunch.

Don’t ask me where we went because these people have been coming here for years so know all the good roads to ride on. We did end up in Gila Bend, but not by any direct means and certainly not by any Interstates. We had lunch at a small park there.

Off we went again to god knows where – other than it went through farm land…..PEEE WHEW !! And eventually got back to Gila Bend and then Ajo. Put about 250 klicks on the bike – oh, that’s about 155 miles for my American friends.

This is the view from my back window aka my bedroom window:


The following day I stayed around the house and tried to finish some ‘unfinished’ jobs. Seems I like to ‘start’ things but it often takes a long time for me to ‘finish’ things. Guess I’ve always known that about myself, however, was quite content in my denial. LOL


The strip had come off my table so I decided to paint it. I ‘started’ that several days ago.

Now to finish putting “RIDER” on the little pup. Should it go this way?


Or this way ?


It ended up going this way:


AW CRAP, Look at the way it turned out. I forgot to do my precision spacing. grrrrr


Now before I move to ‘today's events a word about TOILET PAPER. I buy in BULK….or at least I used to. Can’t do that anymore due to the space limitations in an RV. Now remember I have been on the road over two months now. 67 days to be exact. And also take into consideration I drink GALLONS of tea and water a day. AND I have not bought any toilet paper yet…….This is what I STILL have left:


We won’t even talk about Paper Towels !! ALRIGHT – ALRIGHT – Too much information. LOL

Today Bennie and I took a ride to Organ Pipe State Park. What a beautiful place.


You will have to clicky the above one to see my boy checking everything out.


On our way back we stopped in at the Why Not Travel Store. I mean, why not ? We were passing by anyway. GROAN…..I wonder how often that line has been used. LOL


‘Twas indeed a ‘large’ day.


  1. Awesome day! Nice to meet someone that know s the scenic routes! Stumpy wants to warn Bennie about things you find under trees and cactus in AZ. Most things under them you'd rather NOT meet!

    Have the BEST day!
    Cyndi and Stumpy @ RVly Ever After

  2. You need to keep a really close eye on Bennie in the desert. Coyotes are out there and will gang up on him. Also snakes in the heat of the day. The good thing right now is that it's still pretty cool for snakes. There are also scorpions. So stay close to him always. He's such a little thing.

    We have never been to Organ Pipe and I so want to do that someday. Maybe on our way back from Yuma. We're headed down there today.

  3. Looks like your having a great time. We met you at Pacetti's in St. Augustine. Lots of miles since then. We're in Apache Junction for the rest of the winter. The Apache Trail to Tortilla Flats would be a nice ride. If you're in the area let us know, stop in.
    Grant & Lois from Saskatchewan

  4. Sounds like a wonderful day. I like the view from your house!

  5. O so disappointed to learn that you are so Harley Davidson.....not that I dislike them I just found on my 9000 k travel through the Maritimes in June that many Harley Riders seemed.....well for the lack of the right word I'll use Stuck Up....not all but more than the norm amongst riders.
    Denise just being a little sarcastic ....I made an offer on a 2005 heritage last year unfortunately I missed out. Still looking...

  6. Sassy my dear, I think you should stay around there for awhile and keep friends with the Goldwing riders, they know the country!!
    Glad to see those pictures and the mountains and all.
    I notice you even have CMC 024 following you on your blog, I just want to give a "shout out' to Wayne and the by'es!!


  7. Here I go again. Typing for a half hour. Just signing off and hit the wrong button. Dont know where you are except some part of Arizona. Got to go home and get my map out. Doesnt look like you are going to need sun screen for awhile. Happy to know that both you and Bennie have a nice warm wardrobe,everything matching. You lookedterrific in those nice colors.All my family are quite interested in your adventure. They all send their best wishes for the New Year and their love. I think Michele would love to be with you on times,especially with the Harley. I think she was on Neils once. Favorite Uncle sends his love. So drive carefully and stay well. I guess you will be in Yuma soon. Hopefully it will be nice and warm there. Glad you are not in the Tuscon area. A lot went on there yesterday. Donna sends her love. So keep us posted.

  8. Cyn and Sandie, Ya, I've been told about those 'things' hiding under the bush. I stay pretty close to my little guy. I actually saw a coyote up close and personal the other day while riding with Dave and Pat. A little TOO up close and personal !! He darted across the road in front of Dave and I was grateful I was BEHIND. I glanced to see what it was....I thought it was a fox. Just goes to show I'm from Canada. LOL

    Grant & Lois !! OMG, So GREAT to hear from you. I figured my Blog address was long put in the garbage. You guys were heading further South into Florida when we met. Where are you staying in Apache Junction ?

    Bob, You had me worried there for a second. LOL There's nothing 'stuck up' about me that's for sure. And I LOVE all bikes....well those crotch rocket kind not so much.

    Aunt Theresa, I swear to gawd if I ever get your way again I'm going to buy you a frikkin computer and teach you how to use it !! LOL Mom called me last night because of what she saw on the news re Tucson. Took me 1/2 hour to assure her I was alright.

    Kim, Forget that 'academia' stuff and just get on the road. The 'view' can change as often as you like.

    Byron, Listen those Goldwings have REVERSE. I'm envious !!