Wednesday, January 5, 2011


The weather still has been a bit chilly here so I didn’t get a ride in until today.


Here is a pic of my new ‘home’ for the next little while.


Took awhile to get motivated today but eventually figured I’d tackle something ‘small’ like putting those stickers I bought on the little pup.

I really need to read this particular one: 



Then I decided I would go for a run. Got the bike out of the trailer and off the ramp but that was as far I could get her moved. It’s not gravel here – it’s worse – it’s small stone. I couldn’t get any traction to get the bike back further. So I thought I’d be able to get in going forward but the turn was too sharp and my feet are slipping on the stone. So I’m STUCK !


Nothing I could do but wait until I saw someone out around. So I decided to organize the basement:


hmmm, OK maybe not today. Then I figured I’d put the letters I got on the little pup. Place them there first with scotch tape:


Measure very carefully to ensure each are evenly spaced: 


Line them all up to see how that looks:




Start making my line for “Rider” …..


But then I see the Owner out and about and go ask him to give me a hand with the bike.

More about the bike and those ‘Foolish’ (insert more appropriate “F” word”) little slippery stones later. I have video – I just don’t know how to put that on here yet.

I did manage to get out for a short ride. I wanted to check out the local hardware store….no surprise there huh !! LOL

Now Ajo is a very small place – population 4,000 with one ‘main’ street going through it – AND I COULDN’T FIND THE FRIKKIN’ HARDWARE STORE.

Oh CRAP – Look what I just read while looking up the population:

“According to our research there were 7 registered sex offenders living in Ajo, Arizona in April 2010”

I swear to gawd there is no hope for me !! LOL


  1. Welcome to AZ! If you need help with the video, let me know! It's pretty easy.

    Glad you got out for at least a little bit of a ride yesterday, it was gorgeous in NW, AZ (where we have 7 SO's, population 1500)

    Happy Trails, forever!
    Cyndi and Stumpy @ RVly Ever After

  2. You have got to reading those reports!! I hate to say this but I don't think you will find any place on this continent where you won't find a sex offender. That seems to be the sad way of our world at this time. So just enjoy where you're at.

    Paul was wondering if you were still coming to Yuma for some bike riding?

  3. Bennie's adorable! So is your bike. Look forward to following your adventures!


  4. Sassy, yer a piece of work (LOL)...those guys are all over the place, but pay no neverminds to any of it and just enjoy your travels!!


  5. Hey Giant, I'll take you up on that offer to tell me how to post videos. I just e-mailed you but it was returned ??

    Sandie, LOL I just posted that to tease Tol (my cousin) who follows me daily. As long as I'm in a place where I feel safe that's all that matters to me. Yes, I'm still coming to Yuma - just a little later than planned. When do you expect to be there ? I figure I'm going to be here for another week for sure.

    Kimbo ! I'll be following you as well. Don't know that I could wait a whole year though. I'm a little impatient at best. LOL

    Byron, My 'art work' is perfect !!

  6. Denise......likely won't be heading to Desert Hot Springs until 2 weeks from I am mostly a fair weather biker I am watching for a warm dry weekend....may see you in Yuma