Friday, December 31, 2010


I said I wasn't going to do it.
I was determined not to do it.
But today I was forced to do it.
I had to dig out my WINTER COAT; CAP; GLOVES ETC.
I even had to dig out Bennie's coat. Well actually the BLUE one is Turner's that was always too big for him....complete with his matching BLUE leash.
And Bennie had his RED coat that was always too big for him......complete with his matching RED leash.
But the BLUE one fits Bennie better.
Bennie was actually giving his head a little shake right in the middle of taking this pic:

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

I woke up this morning and it was 16F/-8C. Last night I had my electric heater going non-stop and the furnace going full blast as well.
The problem with these RV's is that they are not built for these kind of temps. As quickly as it heats up, the heat goes out just as fast.
We bundled up (including my long johns on under my jeans) and walked over to the Office to do laundry. I was running low on propane (read: need it for HEAT), so I asked the women at the desk where I could go to fill up. She's a 'local' so called a few places in town....remember this is a very small place. No-one was open !
On my way in here I saw several RV Parks and hoped one of them would have propane as many of the larger RV Parks do have propane right on site.
Off to Walmart we go to do a major stock-up and buy another electric heater as these cold temps are going to last for another few days.

When I left Walmart I tracked back to the way I came in and sure enough I came to one of the RV Parks that had a sign that they had propane. But would anybody be there to dispense it ?? WHEW - there was.
Other than that I had a nice relaxing afternoon and evening - with both electric heaters going mad - but the furnace has not cut in once.
I am glad for that because (1) it blows out COLD air in the beginning which freezes me to death and (2) it's noisy.
Dinner for tonight was a hamburger with mushrooms; mashed potatoes; cauliflower and broccoli. .


  1. Well me dear - welcome to the new year. I hope that you will find the heat somewhere. Its 7:23am here and I have the balcony door open - its very warm out there. You just might have to come here to get any summer!!!!

  2. Hey Lin, Surely it's gonna warm up soon ? I thought waking up yesterday morning to 16F/-9C was bad.

    This morning I got up to 6F/-14C !! But the sun is shining brilliantly over the Mountains. I have to get some pics today.

    It gonna start warming up again by tomorrow or Monday.

  3. Happy New Year Denise. It's definitely warmer here (31F)but that's still way too cold. We got propane yesterday too. Thank goodness. Your dinner looks really good. I've never thought of throwing the mushrooms in the pan with the meat. I usually cook them separately. Something new to try. The sun is shining here and I have hope for better weather.

  4. I'll see if this works!! It's warmer up here in Canada...


  5. As you know through e-mail I have been following your dailly blog and enjoy them alot, safe travels and now that I have finally figured this out...I'll post more often!!

  6. See Bud !! I knew you could do it !! LOL Hope you're not still texting while driving !!

  7. Can you RV with an electric blanket? I couldn't live without my blankie. Happy new Year to you,

  8. Auntie Denise: It's warmer here in Calgary. Best wishes for the New Year.

  9. Karen, You can as I've read many Blogs where they mention it. But once I'm in bed I'm fine....then again you should see the quilts AND duvets I have on the bed !! LOL

    MIKEY !! So great to hear from you. It's warmer FRIKKIN' EVERYWHERE but here !! LOL

  10. am only allowed to stop/shop at one Harley Davidson store per State/Province. (let's see how that is gonna work out. LOL

    LMFAO!! Three and four days travellin' across one state and only allowed to pick're much stronger than I am, I have to stop at most of them. I remember coming back from Georgia and stopping at about 6 in 2 days, shirt at each stop!!