Saturday, January 22, 2011


Some of you may remember my ‘learning experience’ (not calling them ‘mistakes’ anymore – stole that from Jim) of getting stuck in the sand with my RV.

If not, you can refer to my December 12th, 2010 post entitled “SOMETIMES WORDS ARE NOT NECESSARY”

Yesterday I packed up to move on to my next location.  Everything was going so well.  I even was able to back up the RV and hook it back up to the little pup with (relative) ease.  Then I went to ride the bike in……


02 03

Yup,  She’s in that sand pretty good.  So much so that the bike was upright without the kickstand down !  I tried several things to get myself out of this mess to no avail.

So what did I do ??  I went crying and slobbering and snottin’ over to Jim and Sandie asking for help.  And once again HI HO SILVER AWAYYYYY – JIM TO THE RESCUE.



We tried several other options before ‘towing’ the bike out but nothing was working.  So Sandie drove their truck and Jim and I got on either side of the bike to balance it.  SUCCESS !!

So WHEW !  I now have those two ‘learning experiences’ done and over with !!  Don’t have to go through those again.  LOL

Don’t forget you can clickie on the pics to see them nice and large.


  1. Happy to hear that your learning from all these is an adventure

  2. Things are really winding down here. We're down to 6 rigs tonight and five more are pulling out tomorrow. Until next year that is. See you tomorrow.

  3. Bob, Well I'd really rather learn an easier way !! LOL

    Sandie, WOW, Must seem deserted there ! Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow. Drive safe.

  4. I hope you got a T-Shirt from the Quartzsite Yacht Club!! It's the law!!


  5. Kim, Well if it's the law - then I will have to get one. Seein' as I'm such a law abiding person !! First though I have to find out 'what' Quartzsite Yacht Club is ?? As there sure ain't any water around here. And then 'where' it is.

  6. I hope you found it! It's on the main drag - a nice little dinner! I'm sure the locals or RVers can guide you. Stay safe in that sand. I like to get my bike stuck in it's storage shed, not done the sand thing yet!!