Friday, January 21, 2011


‘Twas a lovely, quiet night boondocking in the desert. Bennie and I relaxing – he was snoring, I was doing my jigsaw puzzle on the computer. The last thing I do at night is go out with Bennie. Nope, nothing unusual. Everything as it should be.

Within a minute or two we were in bed and heard this horrible ‘flapping’ noise. What could that be I thought ?? Clearly the wind had come up suddenly.

Well I wasn’t awake long enough to think about it anymore. Two hours later I woke up to this loud BANG – or CRACK – or something NOISE. Frightened ‘da be jesus outta me !! 

I got up and knew the wind was HOWLING. I opened the side door (holding it with both hands and all my strength) and looked out.

IT WAS THE AWNING !! And I could see at that point there was nothing I could do. I hoped for the best and went back to bed. 

Well the noise was so loud – added to the stress of the possible damage that was being done – sleep was no longer meant for me. I got up, made myself a cup of tea and got on the computer. My stress level increasing by the minute. 

I imagined large holes in the side of the RV – what was it going to cost to fix the holes made in the side – and the cost to fix the awning. 

SEE, I knew I should not have indulged myself with getting the front forks chromed on the bike !! Naturally every possible BAD scenario went through my head.

I went outside (being VERY aware of all the stories I’ve heard about coyote’s and snakes etc. that are out in the desert at night), and tied the ‘arms’ to the main ‘arm’ so that at least the banging would stop.

Several hours later I eventually fell asleep on the couch. When I woke up I went outside to see the damages.
This is what the awning looked like (and the table and chair) when I went outside:

I wasn’t outside but a minute when Jim came over as he saw from his spot that my awning was ON TOP OF THE ROOF !! Within seconds he had it pulled down and back in place. I climbed up on the roof to see if there was any damage. Other than a slight tear (about 6”) in the awning, everything else looked ok. WHEW !!! We rolled it back up and the part that holds the two ‘arms’ together wasn’t working properly so we put Velcro straps on them to hold them together.
What a night !! No sleep and overload of stress. It’s only now that I can write about it. It’s taken me the last two days to get over it !!! Moral of the story: THAT BLOODY F’ING AWNING IS NEVER COMING OUT AGAIN !! LOL


  1. What do we need an awning for anyhow? Just another one of those "things" that I don't want to hassle.

  2. Sorry to hear about your awning problems.....Been there done that...

  3. I learned, like you, to not bother with the awning in Arizona. High speed wind gusts can come through at any time, day or night. One day I had it out and the wind started took three of us to get it back in without damage (another lady rider hanging off one end, the guy in the middle and me hanging off the other end).

  4. I'm glad to hear that the end result was only a 6" tear. A tear that small is easy to tape up with a repair kit.

  5. sorry to hear about the awning damage!..I agree ..what the heck do you need them for anyway!..dang wind!!

  6. Ya, It was a pretty scary night with no sleep. I think there's also damage with the 'arms' so I'll have to get that checked out the next time I'm at Camping World - which should be in about a week or so.