Monday, January 3, 2011


Got back on the road Sunday morning (January 2, 2011) and my quota for the day was to get as far as Benson, Arizona, which I did.

Pulled into the San Pedro Resort Community for the night. Again a nice place and I particularly liked the way they had it laid out.

This is mainly a ‘snowbird’ Park with many permanent trailer homes there in one section. They have another section for permanent RV’ers and yet another section for short term stays like myself. This Park was very clean and clearly very well maintained.

On my route there I saw this:


This was the first time I had seen a trailer as small as mine – actually I think this one was even smaller !! I was intrigued by the top part that appears to be an add-on ??

There’s something about the Arizona landscape that I love. It likely is just flat and barren to most but there is something about it that I enjoy.

The driving conditions were perfect and I was glad for that because I wasn’t feeling very well yesterday.

05 04 03

Here are a few pics of the San Pedro Resort Community:

06 07

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  1. I love the desert. There's just something about it that brings peace to my soul.