Monday, January 3, 2011


I spent three nights at the Low Hi RV Ranch in Deming, New Mexico. I needed that time to recoup from that “hurricane day”.

Even though it was still what I refer to as a “parking lot” type of Park (I’m getting used to that), I really liked it there. I think I got spoiled in the beginning by staying at the State Parks which are completely different. This place is very quiet (my # 1 requirement) and had a sense of peace.

Too bad it was too cold while I was there to do anything outside. It was so cold I thought I might as well be camping in Pippy Park !! LOL But then again I wouldn’t have this scenery.

Here are some pics:


Bennie was really intrigued by this little fella.

04 03 02
This pics are small in the post so if you want to see them larger just click on them.

I’m trying doing my posts with this ‘Live Writer’ thing that Sandie told me about so I’d better post this to see how screwed up I managed to make it.


  1. Jeeze Sandie, You are on the ball tonight. I just posted that !! LOL

    I want to be able to add videos but I have not figured out how to do that yet. Plus I see a lot of times on Blogs that words are highlighted which means it is a link to something. Don't know how to do that either.