Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Thanks to my Tour Guide Paul.  The weather was perfect and the roads awesome.  We were on the road by 11:00AM (a nice respectable hour) and got back around 6:00PM. This time I kinda know where we went.

We left Quartzsite and took the I-95 to Parker, Arizona.  Before proceeding further we took a turn to somewhere ???  PAUL, you will have to fill in here ‘cause I don’t remember where that was.  This road had nothing but very sharp, BLIND, hair pin curves !!  I thought Bennie was going to come flying out of his kennel.  When you see a sign with the arrow that says 15mph you know the curve is gonna be SHARP !!  What fun !!

After that we rode over the Parker Dam and eventually ended up in Lake Havasu City where the “London Bridge” is.  You really must Google that because it is quite amazing.


I made sandwiches and this is where we stopped for lunch.  I hate ‘fast food’ and besides I have better things to do with my money….CHROME !!  LOL



Back on the road again:




This is the Parker Dam….right Paul ???


This is Lake Havasu City.  I HAVE to go back there ! What a pretty place.


There were these all along a walkway:


This is the “London Bridge”



I thought Bennie might want to go for a swim but he wanted NO part of that !!


This plaque talks a little about the London Bridge.  Don’t know if you’ll be able to read it.


Taken from the Bridge


Arrived ‘home’ just in time to see this:



Paul also took several pics with his fancy smanchy camera so I’m sure those will be a whole lot better than mine.  Can’t wait to see them……hint, hint…

I also took several short videos but the quality is sooooo bad.  I suppose if I’d stop spending money on CHROME I’d be able to get one of those very EXPENSIVE cameras that you mount on the handlebars.  Anyhooo, Here are the videos.  Other than 2 or 3, the others are boring in that they were taken while riding in hopes of showing some of the spectacular scenery….but unfortunately it doesn’t show up well.



  1. I've been working on this post for HOURS ! Takes awhile uploading pics and especially videos. I've deleted it TWICE now in an effort to 'line up' the pics properly. It just doesn't want to co-operate tonight. So SCREW IT !

  2. Hey, the pics and everything are fine. We get to see a bunch of cool scenery and neat landmarks. Really enjoy it (except it makes me jealous :)

    Have friends that we ride with in the summer, who winter in AZ (and other warmer states) in the winter. If you run into Ray, Christine and their dog Bear, tell them Hi from NH.

  3. Sassy, looks like yer having a better time every day, ya gotta love it!! NO SNOW is #1 and beautiful scenery, wow!!


  4. Hey Denise, Mart and I went to Lake Havasu City two years and just loved it. We stayed at the London Bridge Resort and rented a pontoon boat and spent the afternoon on the Colorado River. So nice! Love looking at your pics - glad to see you are having a blast!

  5. Byron, Even the thought of SNOW makes me wanna throw up !!

    Marilyn, Yes, Lake Havasu City is beautiful and I will definitely be back there. There are a gazillion RV Parks in the area and I also noticed that they give boat tours which I'd love to go on......despite my UTTER FEAR of water. LOL Also, I didn't know the 'history' of the London Bridge. Very fascinating !!! Did you know ?

  6. Yeah, a friend relayed the story of the American McCulloch??? purchased the old London bridge when Londoners built a new bridge over top the old one - numbering each brick as they dismantled it, and then shipped it to the USA where it was rebuilt! We loved on the river - went for miles~