Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Yesterday was cold again so other than taking Bennie for a walk around the Park, I stayed inside and started to place some things 'permanent'.

I use those 'Command 3M' sticker things and they are amazing. The things I secured even almost 2 years ago when I first got the RV are still securely in place. And believe me I've gone over some very bumpy roads.
First thing I see yesterday morning was this little cutie outside who belongs to my neighbour:

Then Bennie and I went for our walk and I took some pics of the campers here and the Christmas decorations. I'd like to just have about 1/10th of the value in the Class A's here alone, nevermind all the others.

It feels so bizarre to see Christmas decorations when the sun shines so brightly EVERY DAY, there's not a blade of snow to be seen, and the weather (well up until the last 2 days) is so warm.

I just had to take a pic of this rig. It is massive. Look at all the slide-outs ! I haven't seen anybody around there yet so perhaps they have gone back to Canada for Christmas. The license plate is Ontario.


Another pic that didn't come out so well. This person has very pretty Christmas lights outside and it looks really nice at night.......even though I am sooooo NOT a Christmas person. BA HUMBUG.

This pic didn't come out very well. I was trying to get all the American flags in that so many people have set up. Americans are very patriotic. I wish I had bought a Canadian flag to put up.

This was one of the first thing I secured with those Command 3M stickers and it's still holding strong. There's quite a bit of weight in it too. I got it 'free' at a HD store in Ontario. I won't tell you how much I had to spend to get it 'free'. LOL

So yesterday I secured these things. The more things I secure, the less I will have to take down when I move.

Now Bennie, quite like his MOM, is not a morning person. Thank Gawd !! I had been up at least two hours when I took this pic and he still was in no hurry to get out of bed.

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