Sunday, December 19, 2010


Last night I stayed at the Safari RV Park, in League City, Texas. Well it's more a 'trailer park'. Definitely not 'first' class....nor second...nor third.... Makes the one on Torbay Rd. (which is really quite nice) look like you are staying at the Hyatt. LOL

I didn't even put the slide out. I locked the doors and closed all the blinds immediately. There were RV's on each side of me that clearly where there just for an overnight like me, so I felt ok.
Will be pulling out of here very shortly.

The main item on the agenda for tomorrow is to find a DENTIST. I had this problem before I left home and it required TWO root canals. That didn't fix it. It somehow eventually just went away and has come back now twice since I've been on the road. The first time it came back it just went away on its own within a few days. This time it is not. It came back a few days ago and it's been very painful while eating and now its even painful when I'm not eating.

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