Sunday, December 12, 2010


YUP, But the strangest thing is that the only thing they took was the portable mouse for my Computer ?? It's nowhere to be found ?? I've just spent the last hour looking for it. The last thing I do at night is turn off my computer and let Bennie out.

I was doing a jigsaw puzzle online and KNOW I had it until the very last second before I went to bed. Now I 'sometimes' have a tendency to just lay things down in the most bizarre places and have to spend hours trying to find something. Ask my Mother - she'll tell you.

But the computer and the mouse pad was here right on the couch where I always leave it......but no mouse ?? I've searched everywhere including the garbage and fridge !! No kidding. Oh, and even the bed !!! It has disappeared !! Clearly someone broke in last night and stole it. ROTFLMAO

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