Saturday, December 11, 2010


I can't say it and I can't believe it !!! Perhaps later in this post I'll be able to speak about it ??

So this stop at Ocala Sun RV Park was a good learning experience for me.

I learned how to put up and take down my awning. Well sort of anyway. A neighbour showed me how to bring it down and I put it back up by myself. I very carefully and very methodically followed my notes in reverse. I was doing very I thought. But I think I might have mixed up a step towards the end because the damn thing really sprung back. Now I remember when my cousin Jimmy was showing me how to do it he told me to wrap the ropey thingie around my hand because when I released something or other it would pull quickly and the ropey thingie was supposed to end up in the middle of the awning. So I had the ropey thingie wrapped around my hand but once that thing flew back the ropey thingie was way off to the side and there was no way I was getting it moved to the middle.

I also learned how to hook up the sewer while in a Park. I had never done that before because I had been in State Parks that do not have sewer hook-ups or I wasn't staying long enough to bother.

I learned how to hook up cable.....not that I hardly even watch TV....but once I knew I could get it I absolutely had to get to Walmart as quickly as possible to get the cable cord. I think I've turned the TV on twice since then !! LOL

I learned you do not have the water pump on when you're hooked up to water.

Today I packed 'er up but took my time because it was such a beautiful day. First really warm day we've had in several days. I did all the grunt work ie. tying down the bike etc. prior to unhooking the water and taking my shower. When everything was done other than unhooking the water and sewer I took my shower, put on clean clothes and went outside to unhook the last two things.

Had a 'minor' mishap with the sewer...nothing real serious...but would have been more 'pleasant' without that experience. Put the water nozzle on the hose to rinse everything off and clearly I had not had it on tight enough. Water started spewing out and when I went to tighten it....well I loosened it !!! Got SOAKED right now to my underwear and socks !!!

Had to go inside and completely change.

Although I had been online for several hours each night for the last 2 or 3 nights, I still couldn't make up my mind where I wanted to go next. I had 'assumed' further South but these cold spells were there also. Head towards Southern Texas ? Those temperatures looked consistently warm every day. Head East ? Head West ? I couldn't make up my mind.

So today was the first time I left a place and didn't even know what DIRECTION I was heading !!! LOL I usually never knew (and really didn't care) where I ended up....but at least I knew what direction I was going.

I stopped at the Office to chat with the women on the desk who were so nice. I wanted to talk them for their hospitality blah blah blah. We got chatting and one of them told me about great places in Mississipi and Southern Texas. Yup, That made up my mind.

I was heading ....N......NO.....NOR.....NORT.......NORTH !!! There I said it !!! I never dreamed I would be using the "N" word !! LOL But it was my original, original plan. LOL You see I had never 'planned' on going that far South in Florida. My 'plan' was Southern Texas to begin with and then eventually on to Arizona. But I suppose I was just going whereever the 'sun' was leading me.

I made it as far a Madison, FL today and am a guest at Yogi Bear's Jellystone Park. The place is deserted. I think I only saw 3 other RV's in here when I pulled in. But I think in the Summer it would be booming with families with kids as they have a 60' water slide !

Tomorrow I plan on stopping at Mexico Beach, Florida. No more Interstates for me (for awhile anyway). Gonna take the Gulf Coast as far as I can.

Tonight I am planning my route for tomorrow. Who needs a GPS anyway !!! hahaha


  1. The beach at Mexico Beach is absolutely gorgeous. We were there the first part of December last year and it was so cold we couldn't stay out by the water very long. But it sure was pretty.

  2. Sandie, I expect I'm going to find the same thing. Forecast is cool again for the next few days in this area.

  3. OK, now I understand why you need so many clothes!