Tuesday, December 14, 2010


I just saw that I have a new 'follower' added to my Blog going by "Newfoundland Fibre Artist". Not knowing who this was I clicked on the name and saw that it was my friend Paula. I feel blessed to know Paula for so many reasons and she is also a fellow rider. Paula is actually the one that inspired me to buy my Harley and to do exactly what I am doing right now. I don't think she knows that.

I'll never forget when I was thinking about buying the Harley I was moaning and groaning about it on our local biker website. It was too big....it was too heavy.....I'll never be able to manage it blah blah blah. Well Paula finally said online something like this "For Gawds Sake Sassy you're going to be riding it not lifting it !!" I laughed so hard and that made my decision !!

Now there are 'Harley people' and some more 'addicted' than others. But Paula and Dennis put a whole new meaning to being a 'Harley Owner'. Naturally they both ride Harley's but I'm not kidding when I say there is not a Harley Accessory (be it for their bikes or their homes) that they don't have !!!! I've been in their home and WOW - everything is Harley !!! LOL

RoadQueen, Welcome to Sassy's (mis)adventures ! Glad to have you along !

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  1. Hey Sassy....I was incognito LOL(NewfoundlandFibreArtist)...Just kiddin...

    So glad I helped inspire you...but does that mean you curse on me everyday :-)

    Check out my blog spot....bet you never knew I was a "Hooker"

    And its 7 degrees here this afternoon!

    will check in on ya tomorrow!