Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Another cool day but warmed up later and I got out for a run. Didn't take Bennie though.
This morning I hauled all the clothes out of the cupboards (not the closets - that 'joy' I'll wait for tomorrow). I couldn't find anything - everything was just piled up.
I have to go through every item - I dare say there will be several bags going to the Goodwill. Now if I don't get to this (and it's already 7:45PM LOL) tonight guess I'll be sleeping on the couch.
Oh, Oh, Oh, I almost forgot.....I REALLY HAVE CABLE NOW !! Neighbour came by and we had to RESORT to reading the manual. And despite everything we did I still couldn't get reception. Then I remembered a little button I had seen. Pressed it and PRESTO clear TV with about a gazillion channels.


  1. Definitely time to get of some stuff. It's amazing how you will continue to get of things as you move about the countryside. We've left stuff everywhere.

  2. Sassy - hope you get this post. Not sure how else to get in touch with you. Our weather here is gorgeous. It's in the upper 70's and will be all week. By next Friday it's supposed to be back closer to normal which is upper 60's with lots of sunshine. You have to remember, this is the desert and we don't have much humidity so it is a really comfortable warm. Gets chilly at night but the days are wonderful.