Saturday, December 4, 2010


Some of you may have noticed I haven't mentioned 'Betty' in awhile. And because of that I haven't mentioned driving down narrow residential streets, being told to turn left in the middle of the I95, and NOT HAVING A NERVE LEFT. LOL
Well that's because the last time I keyed in Georgia and Betty told me she couldn't find any matches.....well I knew her days were numbered. But I wasn't quite ready to let go and gave her one more chance.

I keyed in Florida and she told me the same thing ! That's when I had to accept the fact that poor old Betty had gone completely senile.
Before leaving St. Augustine's yesterday - knowing I was heading in the general vicinity of Ocala - I referred to my 'new Betty'. And I must say she is wonderful.

There were no main Highways from St. Augustine's to Ocala and quite a number of turn left here, turn right there and going through small towns.

But 'new Betty' was AMAZING. I didn't make one wrong turn and got to my destination with ease. I believe I'll be keeping new Betty but I must give her a proper name.

Her name will be NewB. As in 'newbie' which I am to this whole RV'ing thing. Please allow me to introduce you to NewB:

Google the directions beforehand and write them down !!
During our little trip yesterday, Bennie decided he wanted to get some 'wind between his teeth. But by the time I got the camera out to take a pic (while still trying to stay on the road) he had had enough:

Now I've arrived at the outskirts to Ocala, and I'm stopped at a traffic light and get distracted by this sign.

So naturally I turn left - hopping over two lanes mind you. Well it took me the usual 20 miles down this country road before I realized that perhaps I should not have turned left.

Perhaps that sign indicated that the HD store was in fact on that main road I had been on. Again nowhere in sight to turn around and I wasn't about to try that U-Turn again !

On the bright side, this road would be amazing on the bike so when I'm out today I will see if I can find it again.

Pulled in at Wally's for the night but I'm going to scoot around today on the bike to find a nice spot to settle for a few days to check out Ocala.


  1. Yup, if you look at the HD sign again, 1 Mile is written in an arrow, pointing straight! LOL! You are too funny. Of course, I would have done the same thing.

  2. You know I had to go back and look at that pic again.....and it still took me awhile to see that damn arrow !! LOL