Monday, December 6, 2010


So who remembers that song ? If you do then you're as OLD as I am. LMAO But that's the way I feel. If I'm supposed to take a left turn, guaranteed I'll take a right turn. On Saturday I leave the RV at Wally's and Bennie and I head out on the bike to check out 4 Parks within the area.....complete with NewB in hand.....well in windshield pouch as I need both hands riding. LOL
I decided the Ocala Sun RV Resort will be first on my list as it was only 12 miles away. I'm liking NewB as she doesn't lead me astray. But after 35 minutes riding and feeling like I'm seeing the same places over and over I fear perhaps I've missed a turn. I end up seeing a Walmart identical to the one I had just left !! Please, DEAR GOD, do not tell me I've just gone in one complete circle !??? I start looking around for the RV fearing the worst.
Out of DESPERATION I pull over to a gas station that's right in front of this Walmart. First thing I do is ask what Walmart this was....there are 3 in Ocala. WHEW, not the same one. This woman knows exactly where this RV Park is and gives me EXPLICIT directions.
So I'm getting out of the parking lot onto the street and this IDIOT in front of me has his hand out the window with a finger pointing over the roof of his car. WHAT HAVE I DONE WRONG NOW ???

It was the woman who gave me the instructions and was pointing to the directions I was supposed to turn. I started to laugh hysterically !! I said to myself: "Self, If we ever find this ____(fill in appropriate adjective) place we're gonna book it for a week !"

And find it we did. Right back through the 20 country road miles we had just come. How could I have missed it ?? NewB is excellent but as with everything else the 'driver' has to have some capacity. ROTFLMAO Back to Walmart we go to get the RV and come back to our new home for a week. It took me exactly ONE FULL HOUR to ride 12 miles.

Here's a few pics of the place I took before we left to get the RV:

Later that night I'm on the computer mapping out where I'm going to go the following day and Bennie, as usual, is being ever so helpful:

Here's my set up now. Quite different from the State Parks huh. The sites are nice and long making it easy to get in and out of but quite narrow.

On the way back yesterday from my riding I came back EXACTLY the same way as I did the other day when I got lost. How could I have missed this sign ???? Perhaps I was sight seeing.

I decided that each place I'm at that has a HD store I would purchase a little something for myself:

But I've got to change that thinking 'cause there seems to be a HD Store every 1/2 miles in Florida. My poor credit card !!
I forgot to mention that when I was staying at the Anastasia State Park there were these rocks, boulders actually, that would drop on the roof of the RV. The State Parks are very dark and the first night when the first one dropped on the roof I near had a heart attack. After awhile I figured it obviously was something dropping from the trees. What are these little things ?? For being so teenie they sure make a loud sound when they fall on the roof.

Today I woke up to 1C/34F. Holy frikkin' cold Batman !! But it is bright and sunny and will warm up no doubt. Wonder where I'll scout around to today ??


  1. Those are acorn nuts...they come from oak trees. And yes, they are loud!

  2. We had those things belting our roof during a storm in PA and it was horrible. Sure glad you found that campground and aren't still riding around and around and around and around.

  3. They were really loud falling on the roof - I can't imagine (and don't want to !) what they would be like banging against the RV in a storm !!