Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Got to see a Dentist here yesterday. Bottom line is that I either need another root canal or extract the tooth. Well I just had Crowns on my top teeth 2 years ago and said infected tooth was one of them. So an extraction would be a lot of $$$ down the drain. Plus none of the options to 'fill the hole' are great......and also expensive.

This infection caused an abscess on the roof of my mouth that was excruciating. Even my tongue touching it drove me wild. But for some reason (thankfully !) the abscess broke the night before I saw this Dentist and that relieved 95% of the pain. The Dentist sent me home with prescriptions for pain medication and anti-biotics.

In the meantime I have been in touch with my Dentist in NL (actually he's an Endodontist - whatever that is !! LOL) via my Sister calling him and now directly via e-mail. He is saying it's good that the abscess broke (ya think !!), DON'T extract the tooth, and see him as soon as I get home. Well unfortunately that won't be for quite awhile and quite frankly I have no idea when that will be. Certainly not before the Summer.

He is also saying that if the treatment he did on this same tooth didn't work (duhhh) then 'surgery' is required. So I have another e-mail sent asking for more details on this 'surgery' so that if/when this happens again I'll be able to advise the Dentist (wherever I am) of the needed procedure.

So for now all is well again in that area. Thanks be 'da dedus !!


  1. So glad you're not in so much pain anymore. But I'll be curious as to what kind of surgery you need to have done. If this dentist thinks a root canal - is that the surgery? I'll be waiting to find out.

  2. I'll be waiting to find out also !! LOL I have an e-mail sent to my Dentist Office in NL and hope to get the answer tomorrow.