Thursday, December 2, 2010


Another very cool day so it looks like I'll be heading further South. Who knew ?? Today was pack-up day as tomorrow I'm hitting the road again. Where am I going now you might ask ? Not a clue I would answer ! LOL I've spent hours on the Internet looking at various RV places and there are just too many. Literally thousands I would think. So I've decided to head towards the general area of Ocala/Leesburg area and see what happens.
Why there you might ask ? Not a clue I would answer !!

Bennie being his usual helpful self:

Those damn levelling jacks !! They were coming up today even though there's no way I could forget to put them up because of that BIG SIGN I now have taped to the steering wheel. But I was taking no chances !!

You know the new levelling jacks were only $50.00 (on sale) but they charged me $80.00 for each one to install them. Isn't that outrageous ! And then if that wasn't bad enough (fortunately) I checked my bill and they had THREE 'install charges' of $80.00. I called them on that and they credited my credit card. Just goes to show you must always check you bills ! A very expensive mistake that I WON'T make again !
So now I have two crank thingies...but why exert any extra energy when you have the adaptor for your drill. I do enjoy power tools. LOL

It was late before I got out for my ride today. Must have been around 4:00PM. There is this little Bridge I have to go over every time.....another one of those draw bridges and this was the first time I had to stop because it was up.

I didn't take Bennie with me today because I felt like getting a little 'wind between my teeth' and knew I was going back to that country road (route 16 or something like that).

On my way I stopped at CW to get another one of those 'Add-A-Drawer' as I am finding the one I did get was being so useful and handy and takes up absolutely no space. Plus I didn't pay for the first one !

Remember me checking my bill re the 3 install charges ? Well while looking at the bill I saw that they didn't charge me for the Add-A-Drawer !! BONUS LOL I 'forgot' to mention that to them when I was calling them about the 3 install charges !! LMAO
And you will see that Bennie's kennell is coming in handy for storage. BTW, I FINALLY found BLUE ratchet straps. It's not like I don't already have a gazillion of those things. In desperation the other night looking for BLUE ones, I ended up buying ORANGE ones. Why orange you might ask ? Well if I could not have BLUE to match the bike, then it was to be ORANGE as that is the Harley colour. But now I have BLUE and will be securing Bennie's kennel with them the next time we are out.

Any of you that have been reading my Blog certainly know that I have become 'directionally challenged'. I don't know when that happened but it has ! groan I don't know East from West nor North from South anymore. But PLEASE tell me I didn't make a very HUGE wrong turn ??

I went over to the RV Park that I was at before moving here. Remember the place I mentioned that was really cramped. Well that was at the other end of the Park. This end is beautiful don't you think. But I believe that is where all the seasonal people stay. This pic was taken from a bridge overlooking the river:

And this pic was taken from the same bridge but on the other side.


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  1. We stayed at the Wandering Oaks RV Park when we were in Ocala. Met some really nice people there. It's a Passport America Park - with pull throughs and large sites.