Sunday, November 7, 2010


Now don't get be wrong..."Betty" is great. She's gotten me out of some tight jams. And really how did anybody travel before without their Betty's ??? Oh right, maps !! But you try pulling over (to look at a map) when you're driving 42' of vehicle, when you're lost on some country roads or residential street !!!

But today Betty and I had words !! She was just making far too many mistakes !!! I even said the "F" word at her today. Once she told me to turn left when I could clearly see the Walmart on the RIGHT !

Then she kept saying "re-calculating" over and over in her British accent. I finally hauled the plug outta her at that point !!

Another time....and yes, all this today, she said on her screen to turn left onto unpaved road.....when I was on the frikkin I95.

She nearly got 'da flick out 'da window at several points today.


  1. Our GPS is BIBS for Bitch in the Box and the one on Stu's Harley is BIBBY because she's the baby BIBS. LOL!

  2. OMG Donna that's funny !!! If anyone was listening to 'our' conversation yesterday they would for sure lock me up !! LMAO