Wednesday, November 10, 2010


The "journey" or the "destination". For me it's usually about the journey. But for right now it's about the destination........that is until I reach warm weather.

The 'challenge' today is getting through Philadelphia, New York etc. I spent hours on the Internet last night looking for a way around......but they all seemed so far away and way too complicated ! I would definitely take a wrong turn !!!

So I'm taking the I95S through all that horror. I CAN do it ! I WILL do it !!! My Father was a Trucker his lifetime. He'll be watching over me and taking care of me.

A few pics from yesterday:

There's a reason why I should NEVER be allowed in a kitchen....not the least of which is:

MOM will you put that foolish camera away !!

A rest stop. I think my rig is big until I get next to those BIG 18 wheelies:

MOM I'm SURE there's food buried under there somewhere !

Bennie 'christening' the tree:

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