Sunday, November 7, 2010

WEST is good.....

.....but SOUTH is BETTER !!!

I've been on the road 5 days now and 'felt' like I was going nowhere. Signs still said WEST.

But now that they are saying SOUTH.....git out !!! Feeling better !! Still got a long distance to go before I start feeling any 'heat'....but I'm heading SOUTH now. Woooo Hooooo

And poor Bennie gets sooooo stressed with all the travelling !!!


  1. I only wish I could be so stressed.

  2. Head to warmer weather...where do you plan to head towards? We're in TN for the month of Nov and then we will head to FL for the winter.

  3. Donna, I don't have any 'definite' plans. I'm heading South on the I95 until I reach warm weather.

    When I get closer I'll check your Blog to see where you guys are.

    I'm 'hoping' to head to Arizona...but as always One Day At A Time.