Friday, November 12, 2010


Yesterday was a gorgeous day. Warm, not hot. Liked Virginia.

But this morning (very early) I was up and out with Bennie and it was enough to freeze 'da arse off ya ! Right now (11:50AM) you couldn't ask for a nicer day.

So I think, after a wee nap, I might try and get some more NORTH miles behind me.

We'll see...........Now it's about the JOURNEY as opposed to the DESTINATION.


  1. I lived in Northern VA for 15 years and it is such a beautiful state. Hope you can slow down a little bit and enjoy the sights. But VA can get really cold so definitely keep moving south. Now it's my turn to get laundry done.

  2. It is indeed and I only saw it from the Highway. Will definitely have to plan a time perhaps next Spring or definitely earlier in the Fall to come back here.

  3. Hey Denise!
    I'm enjoying your blog.
    You sound great. I hope everything continues to go well. Love to meet up in one of those parks for a few days.
    I'll call soon.