Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Another beautiful sunny day here in Savannah....but not quite as warm as the past days and definitely cooler tonight.

Did some more organizing etc. and then took a little run on the bike. My bike rides, so far, have only been 'errand' runs, but regardless I'm riding !!!

Went on the hunt for a new "Betty". One that I can use for both the motorcylce and the RV. Bought one at Best Buy but not sure if I'll keep it. The really GOOD ones are still very expensive.

Buying the new GPS, my credit card got declined ?? Now granted the damn thing should be about melted by now it's been getting so much use.....but it should not have been declined. So gotta look into that tomorrow.

Also, just as I was able to prepare for my shower, I discover the water heater pilot light was out. Tried it several times and sometimes it would go on and other times it did not. When it did go on, it only stayed on for a few minutes. So gotta look into that tomorrow for sure.

I'm not out of Propane and I went outside and opened the door to where the pilot light if I had a clue what I was looking at !!! LMAO

It appears my next 'port of call' is going to be St. Augustine, Fl where I have an appointment with Camping World for next Wednesday. Gonna get one of those rock guard things put on the RV and few other things.

So I decided to stay put here through the weekend (and the forecast is looking GREAT) and get back on the road Monday morning.


  1. Hey. Seems like you and Bennie are still having a good time. I looked at the pictures of the inside and it reminded me of when you were here and deceided to try and put the 'basement' in order...Florida sounds like a very good idea since we are expecting snow this weekend.

  2. Watch that credit card - they do go into choking mode when travelling. I've been there. All that being said, the credit card cos. do decline sometimes when they see a lot of use in a short period of time and in so many pklaces. But knowing you youmust have informed them of your travellings.

    Keep on having fun and relaxation. Keep the bugs away from Bennie.


  3. You will love St. Augustine! A perfect place to get out and ride your bike! Be sure and take a trip downtown.

  4. CASPER:

    SNOW - UGH - Ya, the 'basement organizing'. I still maintain that is how I pulled my shoulder.
    I got myself is some contorted positions trying to insulate it and put hooks etc. up. LOL


    YEAH, You figured out how to post !! Yes, I did have that happen to me before so therefore this time I did notify them that I was travelling.
    Sent them an e-mail message last night but going to call them today.

    JOAN: I don't usually go downtown anywhere on my bike...but you got me curious now so I will !!! LOL

  5. St. Augustine is gorgeous. You will have a wonderful time there. Just remember - it can still get kind of cold there because it is still "north". Ride safe.