Monday, November 29, 2010


Very warm both last night and tonight. Last night at midnight it was still 21C/70F. And this morning at 8:00AM it was 22C/72F. And at 9:00PM tonight it is 22C/72F. Don't know where I'm going next but I doubt that it will be further South. This is plenty warm enough for me.

Today I really tested the limits of motorcycle shopping. Bennie went to the 'spa' and here he is afterwards struttin' his stuff. They did a good job. But he'll be maggoty dirty by tomorrow again. LOL

While Bennie was at the Spa, I had my usual long list for Wally's. Some of the things I got were large and I had Bennie's kennel full; both saddle bags full and other things strapped around Bennie's kennel. I rode back to the Park hoping nothing would fall off.
Then I had to boot it back to pick up my baby.

The State Parks are very dark at night so I decided to get some lights. I got Christmas lights....NO, I'm not decorating early for Christmas....BAA HUM BUG I am. I just got the clear LED lights. That little few was 2 sets. Don't know if they will show up well enough at night ??

I've wondered many times why so many RV'ers have those orange things under their tires to level it ?? Those big Class A's have self-levelling gizmos don't they....or at the very least have those cheap levelling jacks like I have. Well parked here I now know why.
So while at Wally's I get a package of 10. As I'm going through my mind how I'm going to do this tomorrow I plan the scene out in my head. I would lay them directly beside the tire, then pull ahead a bit, then put the levelling blocks in place, then back onto them. All's well right ? Well, guess what ?? My 'head' didn't put up the levelling jacks again !! So I immediately went inside to do this:

And that sign will FOREVER be taped to the steering wheel whenever I park !! LOL
I just looked outside to see the lights. They don't do a whole lot but at least it's not pitch black out there. The young couple next door has a very well lit site. I must ask them tomorrow what kind of lights they use.

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