Friday, November 19, 2010


This is not the risk....that's further down. But this is a bag of chargers, adaptors, cable etc. that I have been carrying around for years !! Don't even know what the half of them are for. So my goal for today was to sort through them all, label them....and the ones I didn't know what they were for......THROW AWAY.

Mission was accomplished !

Here's the BIG RISK part. Washed my winter coat and it's going to be stored away.....hopefully never to be seen again for a long, long time. Oh, Washed Bennie and Turner's mats as well. LOL

Then it was RIDE time. I was determined to get to a Harley Davidson store. And I did !!
Conventiently located right next door to HOOTERS. Gotta be a 'boy' thing. LOL

But I wasn't fool enough to go back to the one that I 'tried' to get to yesterday. Looked up the address for the other one.

Just a few minor wrong turns but a delightful ride. Only bought a t-shirt. Everything is just so expensive there.


  1. My son helped me sort out all my cables & cords when I first started getting ready to full-time. Since then, whenever I buy something new, I put all the cords/cables into a Ziploc bag and label it with a Sharpie.

    Also, you can buy a silver Sharpie and use it to right on black transformers so you know what they belong to. BIG help...

  2. We went to a Harley shop in TX and ended up with just a t-shirt. Jim wanted a Harley but I drug him out of there really quick.

  3. How did life become so much about chargers (and needing a different one for each device !!), adapters etc. etc. ??

    The ones that I couldn't figure what it was for are now gone ! I even had a charger in the garbage when I came across an ear piece
    that it belonged to.

    The others are now securely labeled in seperate baggies. Will do a double check today before I throw out the garbage.

    Sandie, Shoulda let him buy a Harley. Oh so much fun ! Tell him if we ever meet, I'll let him take mine out for a spin !! LOL

    But now (today) I have to go back there as the t-shirt is too small.

  4. You gotta watch those T-shirts from HD. They make them for Chinese women!

  5. Don't put that jacket too far away because you know them older people get cold easy

  6. Joan, You got that one right. But then again it gives me an exuse now (not that I needed one LOL) to go back there. And this time it will be far more relaxing as I won't have to be watching every street sign.

    Gerard, Oh you know when to comment don't you !! LMAO Now I certainly wouldn't know anything about "'dem older people" (I wish !!!)

  7. Hey Sassy can I borrow that winter jacket,LOL
    Brad CMC

  8. Hey Brad ! So great to see you're following my 'adventures'. At least with you around I'll get a little break from Gerard's saucy comments !! LOL

    Ya, You can HAVE the bloody jacket ! I just checked the temps home and it is -2C and -10C with the wind chill. You can have it !

    It was 24C/75F here at Noon today. And it's still 14C/57F here at 8:00PM.