Sunday, November 21, 2010

tick...tick......TICKS !!!!

I noticed this gawd awful looking thing on Bennie's head yesterday. Actually there were two !! Now my mind (which is not a nice place to even visit let alone live in it LOL) immediately said it was a tumor and a malignant one at that !!

It (my mind) quickly went to "I've lost Bennie"

Talked to Gene and Barb (Camp Hosts) about it today and they immediately told me it was a TICK. Now I've heard of ticks I suppose - but I certainly didn't know what it was. Trust me, before this night is out, I will know everything there is to know about something that causes this GROSS thing to be on my little Bennie.

They told me how to get rid of it and Gene did the first one for me.

During this 'surgery' we discovered another one. I did the other two. Gene said I needed to get a tick collar. So off to PetsSmart I go.

While at PetsMart I decided to look at carriers for Bennie so I could take him on the bike with me. I've ridden every day since I arrived here.....but always feeling guilty leaving Bennie locked up in the RV......and never being gone for more than a couple of hours at the most.
I bought a small carrier, but clearly I didn't think this through. How was I going to get it home ?? I had several bungee cords in my saddle bags....but wouldn't you know it...I had just taken them out of the bags this morning !!! grrrr
So back into PetsMart I go to see if they have any rope. Nope. They suggested I go next door to Lowes to buy bungee cords....which I did.

OK, That looks secure enough to get home. Oh, While at PetsMart I also picked up a little Harley Davidson collar for my boy.

Now I'm home and I gotta see how Bennie is going to take to this carrier. Best way to do that is put a treat in there. He made numerous attempts, circled the carrier and did everything to get at that treat.....without having to go inside.

My boy is persistant...

Made several attempts like this one:

And several attempts as far as this and would back out:

But finally he did get in far enough to get at the treat. We did that several more times but after the first time he was in that carrier in a jiffy !
Now I gotta see if it will fit for him. The next size up was very much larger. He's not happy I don't think:

So I'm concerned that he's too cramped. I try him in it without the top on. He looks comfortable enough:

I'll likely keep it if I can figure out a way to secure it to the luggage rack on the bike. I'm figuring those smaller ratchet straps along with a few bungee cords.
I wouldn't want him in it for long periods of time but I know that when I go riding I don't ride long (perhaps an hour or so) before I take a break. Each break, Bennie will be able to stretch his legs.
In for the night and I'm still pretty grossed out about those ticks. So I bath him, which he desperately needed anyway:

Oh MOM......I'm NOT liking you very much right now..... !!!

Enough with this TORTURE already !!!

Oh, I know that look. I believe I've used it many times myself. LOL

SCREW YOU MOM ! I'm just going to shake water all over the place:

Damn straight I deserve a treat after all that TORTURE:

You've got to be kidding me ! More TORTURE !!

OK - OK - FINE.....perhaps it was worth it after all. I am a handsome devil aren't I.....

Oh, On my way back from PetsMart I have to ride over this drawbridge every time. Today was the first day I had to stop because it was up:


  1. Is Bennie on heartworm medication? You will also need to give him that year round if you are in warm parts of the country. Also, we use Frontline Plus flea and tick killer. I think it's safer than the flea collars. He looks so unhappy in the bath but he sure is handsome.

  2. Sandie, Can I get this Frontline stuff at PetsMart or would I have to go to a Vet to get it ?
    I definitely would prefer that to a collar.
    Also, My Vet gave him Sentinel before we left. It's a once a month pill that says it controls fleas, plus "prevents heartworm disease and treats and controls parasitic
    infections due to adult hookworm, adult roundworms and adult whipworm"
    Do you think that's enough to protect my baby ??