Tuesday, November 23, 2010



But more about that in a sec. The drive to St. Augustine went well, other than it getting a bit 'hairy' going through Jacksonville at times. So many lanes - so many signs. But the signs were excellent.

I knew before leaving Savannah that I couldn't get a campsite anywhere because of the upcoming Thanksgiving long weekend. Every place I called or e-mailed was totally booked. I have the Anastasia State Park booked from November 28th to December 3rd right now.
No problem (I thought), it's only 4 days, I can stay at Camping World, Wally's etc. etc. For those that don't know, Camping World is this HUGE RV store that allows overnights and even have electrical to hook up to.
I get to Camping World today and my appointment (for the few things I need done......which is now MORE due to ruining my levelling jacks !! groan....) is tomorrow morning. Figured I'd stay there tonight. NOT A CHANCE. NOT ALLOWED.

The service guy told me it's a city rule, they don't care if I park there all night but the sheriff may come by and tell me to move. Like I want someone pounding on my door in the middle of the night. He also told me they had to remove their electrical outlets for the RV'ers !!
And if that's not bad enough, he also said I will not be able to park anywhere in the City overnight - even Wally's !! I had to go to Wally's anyway to stock up and sure enough there were signs everywhere about no RV parking.
The service guy gave me a list of campgrounds in the area. I looked at it and most of them I had already checked with. On my way to Wally's I saw this sign for Cooksey's RV Park (which was minutes from Camping World), so when I finished my shopping I called them. They had a campsite available. WHEW ! Told her I'd be there within minutes.
WHAT A DUMP !! Make no wonder they had a site available. But I'm here and will likely be here until Sunday. The 'residents' look pretty seady (to put it mildly) so you can be assured I will be keeping to myself and NOT taking my bike out.
I'm really ROTTED (Newfie word for pissed off LOL). I had hoped to tour around St. Augustine's on my bike over the next days.


  1. Donna from Staten IslandNovember 23, 2010 at 6:57 PM

    Hi Denise - its donna- hope to hear that you are out of the campsite very quick. Be careful and I think it is wise not to take the bike out. Mom wasnt over today to read this but now she will be nervous when she does. Take care and Happy Thanksgiving if I dont get a chance to write you a little note.

  2. We've stayed in a few campgrounds like that ourselves. One, just a few days ago, the guy that came out to greet us had a gun strapped on. But everybody was really nice - scary looking but nice. Just really poor.

    Not quite the way to spend your Thanksgiving but I hope it gets better for you.

  3. Hey Cuz, LOL - Is Aunt Theresa over every day bugging ya to turn on your computer. I forgot that I had TWO Mom's. haha
    Trust me, I will be out of here ASAP. But I expect I will be here until Sunday though. There's just nothing else available.
    You guys should get your Mom a computer for Christmas. Although I'm sure she doesn't think so, she will love it !
    I think Sandie hit the nail on the head. The people I did speak to were very friendly (and I was even friendlier back (fear !) and it was very quiet last night.
    I will be extra cautious though.
    As for Thanksgiving - don't forget I'm 'Canadian' LOL - our Thanksgiving was in October.