Thursday, November 11, 2010


8:00AM-Been on the road just under 2 hours now and pulled into one of those Service/Welcome places somewhere in Maryland, just past Baltimore. No problems so far even though going through Baltimore was very busy.

But I've realized I have a 'new' attitude and learning experiences:

1. Fk'em.......I stay in my stay in yours !!!
2. Don't need to rely on BETTY while on the I95.
3. Don't need to rely on BETTY to find Walmarts to 'rest', use these Service Centers.

Gonna crawl back into bed now to see if I can get more sleep. Next big challenge is getting through Washington, DC and I don't want to be tired for that.

Oh, and YES more tolls !!! LOL


  1. Love those tolls - just think you're helping out the american economy...

  2. Hey Casper !!! You finally figured out how to post a comment !! Great !
    Someone mentioned that I should be nearing the end of the tolls thank goodness.

  3. Believe it or not DC wasn't that bad to get through. We did rely on our "Lucy" to help us stay in the right lane but the signage was wonderful. I was very pleasantly surprised at the ease with which we got through it.

  4. Hopefully the DC area won't be too bad today since it is a holiday. You are very close to getting warm!