Sunday, November 14, 2010


1:00PM - even though the 'posting time' on this Blog says different - and I can't figure out how to fix that ??

Cleaned all the windows of the RV inside, and most of them on the outside. I gotta be careful though and NOT get used to this 'housework' stuff. LOL

Current temperature 21C/70F - and I have all the windows opened.


  1. Hi Sassy, great to see that you are having lots of fun on your travels. Bet you have met a lot of nice people. Miss you around here. Anyway, drive safe and take care! Talk to you again soon.

    Linda & Gerard

  2. Hey Linda ! So great to hear from you. Hope you're keeping Gerard in line.
    Keep track of me case I get in some kind of trouble !! LOL
    BTW, Have you been reading about the kind of hours I'm waking up in the morning !! LOL

  3. hi its your favorite aunt theresa think abut you every night and i know you are the bravest girl i know you can probably tell i am doing this myself you sure have been kept busy doing laundry and cooking alice would be quite proud of you talked to her today alls well back home so keep on trucking and be very careful but then you have your copilot and not forgettting betty luv you

  4. Hey Sass:

    I did 300 km on the bike yesterday...not nearly as comfortable as I imagine your rides must be. Wow, Georgia. Good For U!

  5. Aunt Theresa !! LOL Great to hear from you. I figured you would 'dictate' to Donna or one of the kids to type. But you did it all by yourself !! Good for you.
    This will be my second night in Savannah at Wally's. I decided today I'm gonna hang around here for a week 'cause the weather is so GREAT !
    Will book into an RV campground tomorrow somewhere close.
    Oh, and I also cleaned out the bike trailer !!
    I'll be careful, don't worry.
    There's a ton of RV's in the parking lot again tonight and it's so well lit.

  6. Hey Terry, 300 clicks in November !! WOW
    Haven't gotten any riding in yet myself.
    Hopefully in the next day.
    Great to hear from you and know you are watching my back.
    Thanks Bud !

  7. Now, this is better. Are you gone for the winter? What about your court cases and your condo? Did you sell it or what? will put your blog on my favorites and check it out every day.

  8. Leona, Will e-mail you re the Court Case and the Condo stuff.