Saturday, November 13, 2010


On the road by 8:00AM and once again PERFECT driving conditions ! Can't wait to get the bike out.

About 10:30AM pulled into South Carolina's Welcome Centre as my eyes were getting a bit sleepy. I WAS up at 6:00AM don't forget !!

There's the BIG pup and the LITTLE pup safe and sound while I'm walking Bennie.

Took him off the leash as he is so good. I think he's really OVER all this driving - and his MOM is also. But not much longer.

Got back on the road again after a very short rest - about 1/2 hour - turns out I wasn't sleepy after all - my eyes were just tired. I don't think my eyes used to get so tired so fast before I got my "new" eyes. LOL
About 1:30PM time for another wee rest and pulled into one of those big TA Truck places and followed the signs that said "RV".
Donna (froggi) look what happened !!! A dead end !! Me Nerves. With the help of a guy who helped me I slowly edged her back and forth until I was able to make the swing out of there..........and on to where the truckers park.

Decided to have a go at that tail light that was gone in the little pup.

Managed to get the "new" one on and guess what - it didn't work. hmmm So now I don't have a clue.
But my resting spot for tonight should be Savannah, GA where there is a Camping World and I'll have them have a look at it. Gotta have that light working for signaling etc.

Oh, For my 'Northern' friends and family, I'm laying back here in the RV with a short sleeve T-Shirt on and all the windows open. Oh, I'm so bad !! ROTFL


  1. You can back those little trailers with lots of practice. Good on you!!!

    The Savannah Camping World has overnight parking. Check it out:

    Also check their hours..the shop is closed on Sunday.

    You're doing great! Will think of you when we go out to ride today.

  2. Donna, Oh You BRAT....."when we go out to ride today". You're sooooo bad !
    Saw lots of bikes out today. No helmet law in NC apparently !!
    Already been at the Camping World but just as they were closing (5:00PM) and they did not have any overnight parking spots left.
    They are open tomorrow from Noon until 5:00PM but not their service or parts.
    Donna, I will be getting that vent you told me about. Is that something I could put on myself ??