Thursday, November 11, 2010

Slowing but surely crawling my way SOUTH.

Currently residing in Petersburg, Virginia. Lots of company here tonight between the Truckers and other RV'ers.

Spoke to a couple that just pulled in and they came knocking at my door when they saw my license plate. He is from the same town that I am !!! They told me they left New Brunswick YESTERDAY.......and here I'm on the road 9 full days now. They said they get up at 5:00AM and hit the road. Not this RV'er !!

I'm thinking I might hang around here tomorrow. The weather is really nice and I have so much laundry to do....there's a laundry place close by...but the trick will be if I can get the RV and trailer parked??

Plus the RV is a disaster so it would be nice to get things organized and cleaned a bit. And a day off from driving would be a relief.

I also noticed today there's a tail light gone on the little pup so I have to get that replaced. I do have a spare one - but will I know how to put it on ?? We'll see ! LOL

Here is a picture of another Welcome Center I stopped at today. Even got Bennie in the pic. A prize goes to the first one that can find him !!! LOL

Virginia is a beautiful state. Even this late in the Season there's lots of colour. Can only imagine how beautiful those trees looked a few weeks ago.

There my "Welcome To Virginia" sign:

Got stuck in traffic for over one full hour going 10 mph. Bennie took advantage of it to check things out:

But he was also very restless today. Don't know if he wanted to be the Pilot today or just be closer to the Pilot. He hardly ever wants to be on my lap:


  1. Why not find a campground for a night and get your laundry done there? That might be a lot easier than trying to park your rig at a laundromat.

  2. Sandie, Will be doing that. Problem has been so far that everything was already closed for the Season.
    Expect that is different now that I'm this far South.