Saturday, November 13, 2010


Made it to Savannah, Georgia today. Wanted to check out the Camping World store that I've heard so much about for the past 2 years - but got there just as they were closing. Will try them tomorrow.

Bennie is definitely sick of being the co-pilot and decided to take over the wheel today to give me a rest:

But he quickly realized how exhausting it is and once again snuggled into my lap and went to sleep:

I suppose he's comfortable ???

Parked safe and sound for the night and as always, lots of company around. This particular Wallys is open 24/7.

Georgia's beautiful sunset that I just watched from my window:


  1. Hi Denise - I see you have developed the 'Mahon' gift of gab - it's great isn't it..... and no one to interrupt! I'm enjoying following your travels and hope everything continues to go well for you and Bennie. Have you decided where your final destination will be?

  2. Hey Marilyn ! I could never compete with the likes of yourself or Wanda though !! LOL

    Nope, I expect there will not be a 'final' destination. Thinking tonight that I would hang out around Jacksonville, FL for a few weeks to give myself a break from the road.

    After that..........???? who knows.

  3. Bennie looks like a happy little guy - I'm still practicing with this blog stuff.

  4. This one is for Bennie...see how much we look alike.

  5. Hey Casper ! Nice to hear from you and know that you're keeping an eye on me.
    Casper and Bennie could be twins ! LOL