Saturday, November 13, 2010


In bed (and asleep) by 10:30PM - up at 6:00AM -who is this person ??? This is not Denise. Someone stole Denise !!! Call the Police quick !!


  1. Sorry Denise, Should have signed the 'trying to post a comment" - the only way I could do it was as Anonymous. I'm totally enjoying my vicarious trip south - where, exactly, are 'we' heading? Cook

  2. 10:30 pm is a great time for bed - but you really need to get over that "Up at 6:00 a.m." stuff.

  3. COOK !! OMG I am so glad you're following along on my little adventure.

    Remind you of the time (when you were about 20 years old) and you put a knap-sack on your back and headed to Australia !!

    I saw that the name "Marian" had been added to my followers and just figured it was one of the women from the women's motorcycle forum I'm on.

    "We" don't know (and don't care) where we're headed. As long as it's warm. Might hang around Florida. Might head as far as Arizona.
    Who knows ?? LOL

  4. Sandie, I hear ya on that 6:00AM CRAP !! On the other hand it did give me 7 1/2 hours sleep.
    Let's see how tonight goes.