Wednesday, November 3, 2010

My First Wally Stop-Grand Falls

I actually made it out of the driveway !! wooo hooo I think I'll feel better when I actually make it off the Island !
I've had such a string of bad luck this past year I'm afraid to feel positive and hopeful yet.

The only 'mishap' today was when I opened a cupboard door and full container of cereal came pouring out !! My own fault of course 'cause I just shoved things in the cupboard and didn't secure things.
Figure I'll have plenty of time to do that while on the road. But Bennie was quite happy to clean it all up for me !! LOL Pulling in before dark gives me lots of nice long nights to organize things.
This trip I only have one co-pilot. Lost my precious little Turner in June.


  1. I am so happy for you. What is your first destination? Keep in touch. Irene

  2. North Carolina. It's supposed to be still warm enough there to ride and I figure by then I'll be well sick of driving and pulling in at Walmarts.

  3. Sorry to hear about Turner. But I am so glad you are headed out again. Bennie looks more than ready to go. We split a box of peanut brittle and it was a race between me and Skitz to see who could clean it up first.

  4. Happy Journey my friend, sorry to hear about Turner he was such a sweet little pup.
    Keep your self safe and hopefully we'll ride together again come spring!

    Insure Gal and Bandit

  5. Hey you, drive careful and stay safe. Did you hear that we added a new member to our family - Murphy - 10 week old Labradoodle!

  6. So glad to see your on the road...I've been wondering about you. I had to leave my Harley (Softail Heritage)behind this year myself. I miss it already, but you have to do what you have to do.....Its all snug as a bug up in my toy barn in the Black Hills...

    Come on out West,,,,this is where its at!! Travel safe and enjoy!