Monday, November 8, 2010


Well it was actually quite pleasant for the most part. Betty gave me trouble right from the start so we didn't speak for the rest of the day. I just followed the signs.

But when I really needed her she F@#@# up again ! Spent two hours going around in circles and end up in horrific traffic around the Boston area. I was in the far right lane and they were passing me on the RIGHT HAND SIDE. I saw a sign later that said it was ok to drive in the "break-down" lane during certain hours. How insane is that !!

Betty told me to take Exit 8 and when I did I knew that was wrong. Stopped into a Mall parking lot and asked someone where the Walmart was. She told me to get back on the I95S and take Exit 9. Did that and the next Exit # was 7 !!! Off the I95S again and asked someone else. He told me to get back on the I95S and take Exit 4, which I did. And on and on and on. I was never so glad to see the Walmart sign. By this time it's 7:00PM and I swore I would not drive after dark.

Had several hair raising, heart stopping, heart pumping moments. One in particular was when the 18 wheelie in front of me had to break suddenly and started to fish tail. Thankfully, I stay a good distance between vehicles 'cause, unlike driving a car, the RV cannot stop on a dime either.

A few pics that don't really show the awful last two hours.

Oh, I'm in Attleboro, MA spending the night as a guest of Wally again.


  1. Sassy - I can't imagine what going through Boston must have been like. I hated it in a car. We've learned to plot our course around cities even if it means adding miles to our journey. My nerves just can't take it. Where are you headed from MA?

  2. OH MY! I empathize on SO many levels... I had a similar experience but at least it was in a smaller small town.

    I was looking for a Walmart and couldn't find it. Pulled into a Waffle House parking lot, thinking I could pull through and out via the big grocery store lot behind it. NOT!! It was blocked...and I was pulling a trailer that I couldn't back up!

    I went into the Waffle House and 1) got directions to Walmart and 2) asked if anyone in there could back up a trailer. LOL! A kind gentleman got it turned around for me and I headed off to a BAD night in a Walmart. Turns out it closed at 9, this was a Friday and all the local young uns' used the parking lot for a drag strip. UGH!

    As to Boston, even though I was raised 40 miles south of there, I never drove the area. Fast forward to being in my 40's and flying in for a business dinner. I had rented a car because I came in Friday and was leaving on Monday. Used the weekend to visit old friends.

    Had to come down from NH into Boston for dinner with clients, the company sales manager and my boss. (This was years before cell phones.) Long story short, I spent HOURS driving around trying to find the restaurant. I'd get back on the highway, no exits for miles, turn around and back south again...along with the entire state of NH who were headed to the airport...LOL...

    Took a different route and so too many exits where I knew I didn't want to exit. Finally saw a sign for Cambridge...thought of Harvard and exited. Was trying to find a pay phone. Took me three stops to find a working one.

    Sales mgr at restaurant told me how to get there...he had been there before and he had trouble finding it due to construction.

    When I was in my rig, I'd do my routing with Microsoft Streets & Trips and avoided major cities like the PLAGUE! I used my GPS only to get UNLOST...didn't trust it otherwise.

    I still prefer routing this way but Stu depends on the GPS entirely (sometimes against common sense). I know better....hee-hee!!

  3. ARRRGHHH...wrote a long comment and lost it!! Got several stories to tell you...going to look for an email addy. If I can't find one, email me at froggi.donna at

    Been there, done that!!

  4. "Where are you headed from MA?" Who's writing - Jim or Sandie ?? Pretty sure it's Sandie.

    Anyhooo, From MA I'm continuing down the I95 South until I reach warm weather !!!