Friday, November 12, 2010


Today was a productive day. Got three loads of laundry washed, dried and folded !! The place I picked out last night that was only 2 miles from the Walmart I was staying at did indeed have a parking lot that I could easily get in and out off.

Now the washing and the drying were a given.....the folding was a bonus 'cause I did that while I was waiting for the next load to dry. Plus I got chatting with this older gentleman (well older than me anyway haha) as he has 3 Harleys.....all very old....but more about that in a second.

The putting the clothes away you ask ??? Well no, not yet. However, if I don't do it tonight then I'll be sleeping on the couch tonight !!!!

The older gentleman I got to chatting because he saw my front license plate. We were great friends by the end of it and he gave me his address to write to him and let him know how my travels were going. In the meantime he had told me he had been to Daytona Bike Week for 15 years in a row. For my 'non biker' readers, Daytona Bike Week is HUGE !!!

We talked about the different little accessories and doo-dads from Harley and he asked me if I had the 'beer'. Nope I said. He said he thought he had one extra in his truck. He brought it in and GAVE it to me. This is now a collectors item he told me as they stopped making them in 1999. His kindness near brought me to tears.

So after the Laundry down the Highway I go as I found a 'dumping station' online that was only 20 miles South. Did that chore....but not without a wee little oooopsie. Nothing major....but it required a change of clothes. ROTFL

Laundry done. Tanks emptied. Fresh Water full..........and it's only 11:00 AM !!!! Time for a bite to eat and a nap !!
Got back on the Highway.....remember I said I likely wasn't going anywhere today !! This pic is of the North Carolina Welcome Centre.

This pic is of the Highway driving conditions today. PERFECT !! Only thing that could have made it better would be if I was riding my bike !

And here we are pulled in for the night in Kenly, North Carolina. Got chatting with a couple parked in the same parking lot and they are from Quebec. They also had a little dog who they had outside, so Bennie even got some play time.


  1. Testing 1-2-3. Not sure how to post a comment ... trial & error until I can get it to work.

  2. Ya, Now all I gotta figure out is WHO is trying to post a comment !? LOL

  3. Glad you had the laundry done so you had something to change into after the "dump". You are making really good time getting south. Love that sunshine.

  4. Hmmm, my comment got lost. Anyway...hang on to that beer can! What a wonderful memory you now have.