Monday, November 15, 2010


Everything is different isn't it...when your doing something when the weather is nice and warm. It's always so pleasant when it's not POURING rain and/or the WIND knocking you over.

The sites are big and they are all PULL-THRU. Very important for someone like me who can't back up with the trailer on.

And so peaceful and quiet. How will I ever sleep tonight ?? No 18 wheelie's motor running or other traffic noises to lull me to sleep.

I think it was only about Noonish when I arrived here and what a glorious day ! So priorities first. Open the little pup.....OH DEAR - Was I EVER going to get through all that stuff and get the bike out ?? Was I going to be able to get the tie-downs unhooked....they are hard to do...

Making progress:

I got her out !!!!

So I went for a little ride. Not very far. About less than an hour and I was back. THAT is what this is all about. But I must say I was a bit nervous. Haven't been on the bike now in probably over a month (at least) so needed to get my 'ridin' legs' warmed up.
Back from our short little ride:

It's 5:30PM (just getting dark outside) - already finished my dinner (and it was yummy !) and it's still 20C/68F.


  1. Waahoo! Perfect weather, nice camp site, motorcycle ride. Can't ask for much more then that! Hope you enjoy your stay in Savannah. It is a beautiful area.

  2. Nope that's for sure !! I felt a bit 'rusty' on the bike but that's ok....she'll be out again tomorrow, and the day after that, and the day after that.....LOL

  3. I'm so glad to see you're finally slowing down and enjoying yourself. Savannah is such a great place. Those "bike legs" will be back in shape before you know it.

  4. I agree Sandie !! Didn't they have SNOW in Boston today or yesterday ? Glad I'm past that.
    The JOURNEY begins !

  5. Good for you! I also stored stuff in my trailer, like rolling duffle bags for all my motorcycle gear. LOL!

    Hope you can get the tie-down thing mastered...that was what I had the most trouble with. If I tied them down, the bike moved. If someone else did, I couldn't get them undone.

  6. Donna, I HAVE to get the tie-down thingie mastered. When I made my first attempt at this trip, I made it as far as Toronto, Ontario.

    Very excited to be there and get the bike out....I simply could not release those tie straps. Don't have enough strength I suppose. Thankfully I have a riding buddy who lives there and he came by and released them....with ease I might add !! LOL

    I think either my Brother or my Nephew tied the bike down for me B4 I left Newfoundland and if either of them do anything you can rest assured it will NOT move.

  7. Hi Sassy, I don't post much, but just wanted to ask you if you have the ratchet style tie-downs. I use a set of soft ties, that wrap around the top triple tree of my bike. The hook of the tie down slips thru the two ends of the soft tie. I like the wider ratchet style tie down. I can tie down and un tie down my bike very quickly with this style. Also do you tie down the rear of the bike to the side of the trailer?

    I've really enjoyed your blog. I would give most anything to do what your doing. Be safe, and have fun. Karen

  8. Hi Karen (?), Yes, I do use the ratchet style and actually have 3 different kinds.

    The better ones I use to tie down the front of the bike. I'll take pics of the three different kinds I have and post them so you can see the types I have.

    If you can suggest an easier type I'd be thrilled to try them out.

    I do also secure the back of the bike by using the ratchet tie-downs through the rear tire and secured on each side to those ring things (I cannot remember the proper name)that are in the floor.