Saturday, November 6, 2010

I Love Generators !!

Before I bought an RV I didn't know but a generator was fit to eat.

When I got my RV I knew it had a generator but really didn't know it's purpose. I must have read somewhere that you use it sparingly ?? I remember last year on my trip to Toronto I'd be on my laptop until the battery died and then I had to shut it down.

Now I simply turn on the generator and she's charging up again as we speak !

I love generators !!

Oh, And I'm still using FREE WiFi in the same parking lot !!! Just like home I feel !!! LOL I really should mosey over to Wallys I suppose. But maybe I can just stay here ??


  1. Just found your blog thanks to readers/friends, Jim & Sandie.

    Like you I hit the road solo in a small Class C pulling a small utility trailer for my motorcycle. I sold my HD Softail Classic and hit the road with a dual sport BMW F650GS.

    Fast forward to now, I'm remarried (we were both widowed when we met...both full-timers and both riders) and now ride a new SuperLow (hubby has a Tri-Glide). We have a medium duty Freightliner to pull our 41' toy hauler. LOL!

    My old blog is at and our current blogs are:

    Shout if I can answer any questions for you!

  2. Sassy. Don't forget to give me a holler when you get close. I'm TN-Triker on the QOTR forum. I'm in southeast Tennessee. Would love for you to visit on your way farther south. This coming Wed it will be near 70 degress F. Send me a PM on the forum and I will get you my cell number. Be careful...Annette

  3. Hey THANKS Donna and Annette ! I just posted about being anxious and now reading your two posts has suddenly made me feel better.

    Bikers and RV'ers ROCK !!