Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Gosh, It's been over two years now since Dad passed away and there's still never a day that goes by that I don't think of him numerous times throughout the day. I still can't believe he's gone. But he would have loved the fact (and worried also) that I'm doing this and would have loved to be doing it himself. That's the type of man he was.

It's still 23C/73F as of 8:00PM and I'm sitting outside writing this.

So today I decided to clean the bike instead of running and rushing around doing errands. And I mean CLEAN IT....took off the saddlebags and windshield. I love the 'look' of the bike more with those off....but it's just not practical.

I did say CLEAN IT didn't I. LOL I only do this once a year.

When I finished cleaning (but bikers know there's never any 'finishing' when it comes to cleaning your bike LOL), I rode around the loop to get the bike in the proper position and off the road.

I saw a TURTLE on the side of the road. Now they say turtles don't move fast. It only took me about 30 seconds to get around the loop and that little bugger was already across the road going into the woods. And he was moving !! You can barely see him in this pic.

After all of that I was exhausted and took a little rest. Before I knew it, it was 4:30PM and I hadn't had my ride in for the day yet. Mom asked me the other day if I find the time long. NO !!! I'm up early and yet the day flys.
It was 5:00PM before I got out (left Bennie home this time) and knew I wanted to get back before dark, so that only left me with 1 hour. I wanted to go to Target to see if I could find that carrier/cart thing I've been looking for to use for getting my laundry to various laundry rooms in the various places I stay. They are often not very close. And I had looked everywhere else and couldn't find what I was looking for.
Well I gotta tell you it was an unbelieveable, gorgeous, warm night and I knew I wasn't getting home before dark. I just wanted to ride and ride and ride. And I only had on a T-shirt !!! Reminds me of those warm summer nights in Toronto that I enjoyed so much.....didn't like the stinkin' hot days though !
I didn't end up getting back until 8:00PM which was fine until I got to the Park. It was PITCH BLACK. I noticed as I was riding through the Park (which is quite a distance from the front entrance to my site) that my shoulders were up around my ears !! LOL Relax Denise.....
I had to leave the lights on the bike in order to see what I was doing.

Coming back through downtown was amazing with all the lights and people were strolling around everywhere. I'm going back tomorrow night with Bennie and parking the bike to take a walk around and get some pics.

I just love the peace and quiet of the State Parks. All I can hear are the crickets. My Mother would HATE it. She needs noise and lots of people around. Not me ! LOL
Oh, Last thing for tonight. I love it so much here I don't want to go but I only have this site reserved until Friday. Tried today to get it extended but they are all booked for the weekend. Bummer ! On the other hand, I'm not going to get to see much of this Country staying in one place huh ! LOL So don't know yet if I will try to find somewhere else to stay in St. Augustine's or move on.


  1. I miss my Dad, too. I still catch myself picking up the phone to call him.

    Glad you're having great weather. It's been cold here in AZ and I am so ready for it to warm up.

  2. Isn't St. Augustine just the best? I love that place. It's what I call a "cozy" town.

  3. Well you are surviving very well it seems. See I am improving.I now know how to use capital letters and periods. It might take me all night. A bit of advice from your favorite aunt. Instead of carrying all of yoour laundry all over the state of Florida what about doing a little the old fashioned way. Glad to see you are taking good care of your baby. I just love how much you are enjoying your bike. I can just see you going down those beautiful roads in Florida, probably like Aunt Mary showing of abit. I better say good night before I hit a wrong key and delete everything like I did the last time.Luv you and stay safe. I have read all you have posted and enjoyed everyone.