Sunday, November 28, 2010


Lord Have Mercy ! Has it been 3 days since I updated. Sorry ! The 'Condo Nightmare' I have been living for over a year now raised its ugly head again and e-mails were flying so it was difficult to stay in the 'present' with all that crap going around in my head.

Pacetti's RV Park was ok enough. Certainly many steps UP from Cooksey's that's for sure. Earlier in the week it was better because you actually had 'space' between the 'parking lot' of RV's. That changed unfortunately later in the week. This crowd moved in right next to me and by the looks of their set-up I figured they were going to be there for months ! And they just kept adding things !

PLUS they had FIVE dogs all of whom loved to bark everytime someone walked by with their dog.....which was constant. They were so close I could hear every word they were saying. Turns out they were leaving this morning. That was an awful lot of set-up for a few days I thought.

Then two more moved in on the other side of me, between my Rv and the lovely couple I met from Regina, SK. The one right next to me was so close I couldn't even open my awning....well, that's if I knew how !! LOL


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