Thursday, November 25, 2010


Despite how HOT it was here yesterday it cooled down deliciously last night. I even closed the windows later in the evening...but did not have to turn any heat on.

This morning (at 6:00AM !!) there was a little chill in the air and I turned my little portable heater on for about 1/2 hour. But it very, very quickly warmed up. At 10:30AM it is already 23C/'s gonna be another HOT one.

So I've learned very quickly to keep the blinds and windows closed to stop some of the heat from coming in. Also if you have to blow dry your hair (and I seem to feel I have to - but I expect that's going to change LOL) you do it in segments so that you don't get too sweaty.

Those are my lessons learned so far today and it's only 10:45AM. Going for a little run on the bike now but fear I should have left earlier because of the heat.


  1. Blow drying hair????? I'm retired, I don't do that kind of thing anymore. That went the way of the hair coloring. Have a wonderful ride and enjoy your warm weather. Here in Phoenix we're having the coldest Thanksgiving in 80 years. But it's still nicer than being in MT with snow and blow zero.

  2. Nice in Newfoundland today :) + 7 and Sunny - just a nice fall day! Have a fun ride! I wanna go! Cheers