Thursday, November 18, 2010



Where do I even begin ? The day started off good - GREAT in fact. Another beautiful, warm, sunny day with temperatures just perfect, especially for riding. Not too hot and definitely not cold.

So my 'errand' run today had two purposes. First to the Harley Davidson Dealership. What do I need or want there you might ask ? Well, nothing.....but I have been soooo good up to this point. In all the miles I have travelled so far, I have not stopped at one HD store. Unimaginable as that may sound. Tempted - YES - but didn't.

The second errand was to get food for Bennie. I spent most of the morning on the phone calling various vet places to see if they had his particular kind - and lots of them did, however they were not allowed to sell it without a 'prescription' faxed to them from my Vet at home !! It's frikkin dog food for cripes sake !

Finally I found one that said they would sell it to me (as I was passing through) without said LETTER FROM GOD ! So this stop was going to be on my way 'home' as it was closer to the State Park.

I get a little wind between my teeth (finally) as the route to the dealership is via the Truman Parkway which I enjoyed. Found my exit no problem. Ended up going through downtown Savannah....still no problem....quite pleasant and very nice. I was on the correct street right ?? NOT !

I discovered that when I ended up in a neighbourhood that was hmmmm well, not so nice. Despite that I put on my oh so charming smile and asked for directions. Turned around and headed back through exactly the same street I had just ridden through. Got to the end and realized that I had somehow missed this 'off ramp' again ??

I turned around again (how many times is it by now ??) and very, very carefully looked for this invisable sign that would lead me to River St. Finally saw it and pulled in off the street but wasn't going down that little ramp/road until I was SURE I was going the right way. The young woman whom I asked confirmed it was correct and said it was a little 'bumpy. I look at this little road/street/ramp (don't know what 'da F'K to call it !) and saw that it was made of brick. No problem I tell her.

Start the bike up again and within seconds I saw the COBBLE STONE STREET. Big, slippery, downward COBBLE STONES that I was supposed to ride over !! NOT !! At this point though I'm on too much of a downward slope to be able to push the bike back. So I shut her off, put the kickstand down and just sat the middle of this entrance, blocking traffic (which was very little thankfully) from coming in or going out.

A guy was sitting in his car and said to me that I was not allowed to park there. DUHHHH !! On goes my oh so charming smile again and I ask for assistance. Once we got the bike out of the way, I shut her off again, put the kick stand down.......and smoked about a package of cigarettes !! I am NOT having fun !! LOl

I call the Dealership and tell them where I am. I am mere minutes away. They tell me about a Hotel where I can park and then walk to the store which was only about a minute away.

Got back on the bike and said FOOOOOIE (insert appropriate translation). It was now getting later in the afternoon and I still had to get Bennie's food....a priority. Thankfully I found that place with ease secured his food on the bike and headed HOME.

But of course, chores don't end just 'cause you're on the road. I still had to take the garbage out !! And the dumpster was too far away to walk with a heavy bag. Secured the garbage on the bike and off I go again.

I tell you I was never so glad to get home after that ordeal. BUT, now that I know exactly where this dealership is.......(fool that I am) I'll give it another go tomorrow.


  1. Sure, Easy for you to say Sandie !!! LOL

    But it's all part of the adventure isn't it.

  2. And I wasn't there to drive it across for you


  3. Gerard, Ya, I need a "Gerard on the go". Or maybe become Bewitched (now if that's not aging me LOL) and twinkle my nose and you appear when I get stuck !! hahaha