Saturday, November 6, 2010

Enjoying My Cuppa Tea

Had a gorgeous nights sleep, which I so desperately needed !! One of my 'neighbours' has already pulled out but the other one is still here. Perhaps they are relaxing like I am.

Will probably only go as far as Fredericton today as tomorrow I will be crossing the Border into Maine.

Gotta find a Bank (where I can get the RV parked LOL) to get some US cash and also find a place to do some laundry. Oh the 'chores' don't stop just 'cause you're on 'da road !! LOL

Will post later on how the day's (mis) adventures go.


  1. You need to move south, fast, girl. It's even cold here in OK - headed for AZ as fast as we can go. Well not quite but definitely headed for AZ and warmth.

  2. I thought North and South Carolina would be still warm enough to stay for a few weeks ??