Friday, November 5, 2010

Drove from North Sydney, NS to Moncton, NB today = 478 kms. All in very high winds and pouring rain. Several times the gusts of wind literally took the steering wheel right out of my hands. Still trying to get my hands un-clenched !

The spray from the cars was bad enough but when the 18 wheelies would pass me I'd be blinded for a few seconds. Not so pleasant.

Good thing my dear old Mudder wasn't with me....the last nerve she has left would be gone ! LOL And she'd be prayed out ! LOL

Only little 'mishap' was when I was leaving Amherst.....took a wrong turn and ended up going down a very long and very dark country road and then through a residential area. Now remember.....that's with a 32' RV hauling a trailer. Jeeze, I almost didn't have a nerve left. LOL

But I finally plugged in 'Betty' (my GPS) and she got me back on track.

Wally is hosting three of us in the parking lot tonight. Always like that when there's other RV'ers around.


  1. Glad "Betty" didn't lead you astray. We've been down all these little roads and even ran into an overpass we weren't sure we'd fit under. Never a dull moment. Take care and don't over do it.

  2. Never a dull moment is right !! I'm relaxing this morning in no rush to get back on the Highway. Yesterday was pretty treacherous at times !! LOL

    It's still raining this morning....but no winds thank gawd !!