Friday, November 5, 2010


Got a good solid TWO HOURS sleep on the ferry last night. Oh Me Nerves !

6:23AM I was back in the seat of my RV ready to drive off the boat. Did I mention that was AM !!!????? As in ABSOLUTELY MENTAL !

Drove off the boat to complete darkness, rain, drizzle and fog....Hey I thought I just left Newfoundland ?? And very, very sleep deprived.

I'm currently resting in the parking lot of Canadian Tire in Antigonish, Nova Scotia. Nova Scotia is an absolutely scenic Province. But it is very windy today which doesn't make for comfortable driving in a large motorhome.

Oh, I had one previous 'sleep' stop....crawled right back into bed the first place I could pull over. When I got up I called Bennie to tell him we were getting on the road. He does enjoy his 'co-pilot' seat so much.

But he wasn't too fussy about getting out of that cozy bed. So off I went. Very shortly he made it known he wasn't to be left back there while I was driving and tried to jump off the bed. He couldn't and had to wait until I found the next place to pull in to help him. He was not happy.

The next two pics were taken while I was driving !! You can barely see him in the back telling me in no uncertain terms that he wanted off that bed and up front with me !!

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