Sunday, November 7, 2010


Didn't sleep very well last night and woke up way too early. I'm anxious about problems crossing the Border which I know is silly because I have all my papers in order and nothing in the fridge.

I also gotta figure out how to get Internet and Cell Phone stuff and I suppose I'm a bit anxious about that also due to being out of touch until I get that all set up.

Oh well, 'someone' has been taking good care of me so I will trust that these things will all fall into place.

Until later.......


  1. Hi, I am a friend of Sandie Dixon's and Canadian. She wanted me to help you with your communications issues. Hmmm, been there done that! Get yourself off to the closest Best Buy or such (think Walmart has them too). You need a pay as you go phone and a pay as you go aircard. We have a Net 10 phone and a Virgin Mobile aircard. Both of them work well for us and there is no monthly so that when you go back to Canada, you won't have any thing to pay.

    If you haven't started over the border yet, stop worrying. No problem. You didn't have to empty your fridge. No fresh meat, fruit or veggies is all they ask. And of course, "Do you have $10,000 in cash?" I wish.

    If you need anything more, our email address is

  2. Hey Friend of Sandie's ! Thanks for the info. I sure will be keeping your e-mail as I'm sure I'll have more questions.

    I got through the Border just fine.

    I first visited Verizon and unless you're willing to sign a 2 year contact, the phones are really expensive as is their Internet Access thingies. The representative even suggested to me to go to Walmart as I would likely get something cheaper.

    I ended up buying a TracFone ($20.00) at Walmart and a $60 air card. It got activated right away.

    I also bought the Verizon USB thingie for the Internet. That was $130 I think and then a pay as you go kinda air time card.

    GAWD, When did I get so far behind in technology !!! groan....

  3. Hey hubby says it's great that you are taking on this adventure! I have to tell him everyday where you are and what's going on! The farther south you go, the warmer it gets. Be sure to let me know a day or so in advance before you get to NC. Really want to meet up with you! Be careful!