Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Current temperature is 22C/72F at 11:30PM on November 16th ! Oh yes, I could get used to this.

So I tackled the little pup yesterday....priorities of course or else I wouldn't get to go for a run !

Today tackled the storage compartments in the RV. Everything had to come out in order to organize.

A little fix it here and there:

Bennie looking on being bored and of no help at all !!

WTF ?? How did I do that ??

Oh right, I forgot.....I drove over that stump yesterday while getting into my spot. The bike trailer sure tipped......and I was very cautious opening the door......whew ! The Bike hadn't moved.


  1. Didn't you have your eyes done. You should go back to get them done again because apparently you still can't see .

  2. We all drive over something at some time. I found a telephone post that I couldn't get over but I sure tried - I was backing up at the time.

  3. Gerard, Expected nothing less of you with that comment !! LMAO !

  4. Oh Sandie I can sooooo relate. The tire of the RV hit the stump first. As I can't back up with the trailer on, I backed up just enough to clear the tire.

    Then, of course, the tire of the trailer hit it but by that point I was determined to keep going !! LOL