Wednesday, November 24, 2010


.....a DANGEROUS place to be. WOW, what a store. They have EVERYTHING. My poor credit card is already half melted. LOL

I had heard so much about Camping World before I got on the road from the various RV websites. When I pulled into the first one (can't even remember where now) I was disappointed. The store was so-so and the parking lot was barely big enough for me to get in and out of.

But their St. Augustine location is AMAZING.

Even their waiting room is very nice. This is where I am now updating the Blog. I had to get new levelling jacks installed as the others ones were TOAST ! Won't make that mistake again.

Everybody is soooo friendly here and everybody LOVES Bennie. They WANT you to bring your pet in the store. And they even give him treats. He likes that.

So last night I sent a few e-mails out re other accommodations other than the place I was at last night. I got a reply this morning. I spoke with two of the people that work here and their facial expressions told me everything I needed to know when I mentioned 'Cooksey's' as opposed to Pacetti's where I'll be going as soon as I get out of here and hook the little pup back up.


  1. Just googled Camping World - I want to go there and get practical stuff for my RV. Great store

  2. Your Favorite Aunt Theresa/AllieNovember 24, 2010 at 12:17 PM

    Sassy rider, seems like you've been a busy girl! I'll be glad when you get some place where it will be safe and you'll stay put for a while. Hope poor Bennie is rid of his ticks. Hope you don't get them because if you do, someone will have to commit you into a hospital. I'm not sure who! Nice to see your bed made, I am your mother's sister! You favorite good-looking uncle thinks you are a WONDER WOMAN. He worries about you and says a prayer for you every night. It took me a half hour to type my original message to you and hit some key and everything got deleted. So now, I got Allie to type it over or I would be here until tomorrow doing it. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and hope you will get a nice turkey dinner somewhere. Love you! xoxoxoxox

  3. Michelle, You will LOVE Camping World. Don't buy a thing for your new rig in Canada. Wait until you get to the States. I don't know if all Camping World's are like the St. Augustine's one...but you will for sure have to make a stop here.

    Aunt Theresa, Yes, Much better to get little Allie to type for you. You just talk and she types. LOL
    I'm in a very safe place tonight and will be staying here until Sunday, then I have a reservation at Anastasia State Park.
    Those 'ticks' really grossed me out ! UGH ! And after I googled it I find out that humans can get them too.
    Tell that gorgeous Uncle of mine to stop worrying about me ! Although Wanda often says "I'm fit to be prayed for", so I won't refuse any prayers ! LOL
    BTW, Where 'da F@#@#@ do you think I'm getting turkey tomorrow !! hahaha